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Capacity Building

Invoke 360 provides capacity building programs for healthcare professionals in the revenue cycle management streams. Our expertise lies in capacity building for Native American healthcare organizations. Our varied experience in Indian Health Service funded programs gives us the confidence to provide capacity building to organizations that help employees operate at their optimal best.

We offer medical coding and medical billing bootcamps. We also offer leadership training (which includes mentorship and staff development), soft skills training, and management techniques for supervisors and managers.

We help participants at our medical coding and medical billing bootcamps to get certification from nationally recognized bodies such as AAPC, AHIMA, etc. These bootcamps serve as a refresher for experienced medical coders. It also provides a breakthrough into a medical coding career for newbies.

Created by medical coding and billing specialists with years of experience and knowledge in the field, Invoke 360's medical coding bootcamp is up-to-date, affordable, and a game-changer for anyone seriously interested in pursuing excellence in a medical coding career!

Invoke 360's bootcamp training helps increase employee knowledge base. It also opens the doors to higher job openings. You will get to be part of a strong and committed community of certified healthcare professionals, which provides much needed professional support wherever you are in the U.S.

Invoke 360 also supports healthcare leadership wanting to optimize RCM processes to help employees achieve their potential. We study the internal processes and device an optimal workflow. We help set up performance metrics and refine workflow processes to optimize it. We also provide technology solutions to help manage the workflow better.

Invoke 360's capacity building programs support healthcare leadership to facilitate further training and development of their employees, enhancing their skills and promoting greater cohesiveness within the organization.