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Insurance Underpayment Recovery Services

Healthcare providers in the U.S. often lose a significant amount of revenue every year when third-party payers underpay in the name of contractual adjustments.

Invoke 360's insurance underpayment recovery services help to identify and correct these underpayments, zero payments, and inaccurate adjustments made by third party payers. This helps in reducing revenue losses for healthcare providers.

Invoke 360 has a comprehensive approach to insurance underpayment recovery. The first step lies in analyzing and identifying the payment reports, followed by comparing the remittances to contracts and fee schedules, then validating the findings and deciding on a corrective course of action with the help of the payers, and finally working towards a resolution with the payers with the use of trend analysis and other data, etc.

Invoke 360's team subsequently identifies errors in claims payments that led to the underpayments in the first place and takes steps to resolve them at the point of origin. This helps to prevent future underpayment issues.