Ian Erlich

President/Chief Executive Officer

Ian ErlichIan Erlich is an Alaska Native (Inupiaq) enrolled with the Native Village of Kotzebue. Mr. Erlich has worked on behalf of Native American issues for many years, having served on the Tribal Council and the Alaska Inter-Tribal Council.

Native American Healthcare has been an important aspect of Mr. Erlich's experience. Ian has many years of experience working in Healthcare IT, specifically maintaining the patient database, RPMS, and has served on the IT advisory board for the IHS Director known as ISAC (Information Services Advisory Council).

Mr. Erlich also served as the President/CEO for Maniilaq Association, the Tribal Consortium for Northwest Alaska, providing Healthcare for 12 Villages with a hospital located in Kotzebue, and administering Tribal programs and social service programs for Tribal members.